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See a picture of a "COKESEY" Monument: Courtesy of Roger Cooksey,UK

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William Cooksey IV , son of William Cooksey and Mary Hudson was born in
Maryland in 1754. He married Leanna Wesley. He served in the
Revolution and was paid 22 lbs sterling for service rendered in the SC
Militi. In 1787 Walter Cooksey arrived from England. William and
Leanna move to Tatnol Co Ga. where he obtained two land grants in 1788
and 1789. William and Leanna were blessed with my relation John C.
Cooksey around 1785. John Cooksey son of John C. Cooksey and Zelpha
Rayburn, at the age of 74 in 1880, stated that his father was born in
Ga. My G Grandfather, James W. Cooksey's bible shows William Cooksey
died in MS in 1828. John and James W were brothers. William Cooksey
and Leanna had another son William E. Cooksey who was born at Tatnol Co
Ga in 1787. William E served in the War of 1812. William and Leanna
had other children: John C, William E, Mary, Nancy E, and George W.
The wife, Leanna Wesley, of William Cooksey IV was given to me by Mrs
Agnes Altrup of Washington DC in 1960. I have never been able to find a
marriage bond or license for this marriage. She also said Leanna was
from Halifax Va. and that she had sme conection to John and Charles
Wesley of England and Ga. I might add here that William Cooksey was the
first entry in my GGrandfathers bible. Tomorrow I will give you a
little history on William E. and John C Cooksey. Have a nice day.
JLCooksey Austin, Texas

Harold Graham wrote:

Norma, my line comes from William Cooksey (died 1828, Covington County, MS),
through his dau. Nancy E. Cooksey who married John Parks and settled in
Newton County. William had other children including John C. , and William
Elston Cooksey. John C. Cooksey, from his marriage of Zilphia Rayburn Price,
had sons Samuel N. Cooksey, James William Cooksey, and John Cooksey, along
with several daughters. You will find Samuel, James W., and John in Newton
County, MS, in 1850, along with various kin.We have wondered if and how

Samuel Jefferson Cooksey (and family) was related to our family.

Harold Graham

She is owner of COOKSEY-L mail list.

Louise Hill:
(See webpage below)
Louise wrote:

The only Cooksey I have in my line is Margaret that married John BIAS in
early 1900's. Her parents were Benjamin and Elizabeth (FULLER) Cooksey.
You are welcome to add this information, my email address and the BIAS
website (URL below) to your website if you'd like.

BIAS Genealogy:
HAMPTON Genealogy:

(See webpage below)
Hi Norma----Enjoyed looking at your COOKSEY Lineage, and since my
COOKSEY connections are also from VA-TN, I would be very glad to have
you include my name/address/website in your List of other COOKSEY

1st COOKSEY connection
Margaret COOKSEY 1775-VA (no earlier family data known)
d.after 1850 in White Co, TN
md 15 Jan 1793 Halifax Co, VA
William PRINDLE 1770-VA & d.bef 1850 either VA or TN

Margaret & William were parents of at least 1 child:
Anne PRINDLE b1803-VA & d1871 Taney Co, MO
who married 8 July 1822 Halifax Co, VA
Patrick H. COMPTON b.1801-VA (poss. Franklin Co) & d1861 Osage Co, MO

2nd COOKSEY connection:
Mary "Polly" COOKSEY 1810/1815-VA (no earlier family data known)
d.before 1850 Halifax Co, VA
md 26 Dec 1831 Halifax Co, VA
Thomas WALLER s/o Cuthbert & Elizabeth (COMPTON) WALLER
b.1808 Halifax Co, VA
d.before 1866

Polly & Thomas were parents of 6 children born between 1833-1843
(Per research of Mrs Daphne Gary, Richmond, VA)
1.Martha WALLER
2.Cuthbert WALLER
3.John William WALLER
4.Susan E. WALLER
5.Thomas H. WALLER
6.Benjamin Franklin WALLER

My E-mail address:

Kindest regards from a COOKSEY cousin in Tokyo, Don Houk


Wendy wrote:
I am a descendant of the Charles co. Maryland Cookseys thru Sarah
Cooksey (b. March 21, 1740) who was the daughter of Justinian Cooksey
and Sarah Reed and the granddaughter of Samuel Cooksey. I would only be
interested in information on pre-1700 Cookseys to confirm and clarify
dates and relationships. Thanks.


General info: I have checked out your web sheet and find it very interesting. I
notice several of the children of Andrew COOKSEY Sr. migrated to TN.In
my research, I have found the Enoch & Cornelius in Warren County,TN.
However, I have been unable to connect to them.

I found Enoch Cooksey listed with groups of men on page 266 if
"McMinnville at a milestone" by Walter Womack. Page 267 shows Enoch
Cooksey as wounded in Perryville.

Bonita Mangrum sent a page from "NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN" dated 6 Oct [yr.
unknown]. The article was titled "Tennessee Bookman" by Hugh Walker
which was reviewing the book, "The Trial of Fletch". The 2nd paragraph
reads, "It happened that on the night of Nov 15, 1873, while
investigating affairs in the town's Red Light district, McMinnville
policeman Enoch Cooksey was shot and killed.
"Fletcher Woodward, better known as Fletch. Woodward, was charged
with the crime. A photographer, sometime doctor and later printer and
publisher, Fletch. was found guilty, sentenced to hang, and sent to the
old prison in Nashville, near the Cumberland River. From the second
floor, he noted, he got 'a good view at Edgefield.'
Fletch maintained his innocence, and in due course the Tennessee
Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice O. A. P. Nicholson, reversed the
verdict. Fletch was sent back to McMinnville, given a change of venue
and tried again in Sparta. This time he was found innocent.....
....The copy used here, owned by Walter Womack of McMinnville, was
once the property of Fletch. himself - certain corrections made in the type
could only have been made by the author.
....The histories of Warren County and McMinnville say not a word of
the Cooksey murder and the trial of Fletch. and others for the crime.
But for this little book, laboriously printed on his own press, the
affair would have been forgotten."
The article gives a picture of Fletch. Woodard.

See below for my lineage.

Henry Bert Cooksey
b22 Jul 1856 at Point Meer,Johnson,AR;
d12 Nov 1944 Van Buren, Crawford, AR;
bur 15 Nov 1944 Baxter Cemetery, VanBuren, Crawford, AR;(no tombstone)
md 5 times:
md1) 15 Apr 1876 Johnson County, AR to Nancy Emeline Gladden
b 1859 Pleasant Hill,Newton, AR
dau of Albert and Hannah Gladden, a Farmer in Newton County, AR;
she d bef the 1880 census enumeration probably in Johnson County, AR.

md 2) 13 Aug 1885 Newton County, AR to Julia Ann L.Bethel b7 Jul
1867 Limestone, Newton, AR dau of Thomas Campbell Bethel and Martha
Clayborn. 5 children were born to this union: 1) Laura Louisa b 12 May
1886 Union Twp., Newton, AR; d 31 Jan 1972 Mercy Hospital, Brinkley,
Monroe, AR; bur 2 Feb 1972 Hazen Cemetery Hazen, Monroe, AR md 12 Feb
1903 Pope County, AR to John F. Hudson; 2) George Lewis b 22 Dec 1888
Union Twp., Newton, AR; d 12 Feb 1973 Sallisaw Hospital, Sallisa
w, Sequoyah, OK; bur Gans,Sequoyah, OK; md 4 Feb 1912 Crawford County, AR
to Laura Estella Franklin; 5 children: Harley Burl, Ila Mae, George
Franklin, Imogene & Dola Geneva; 3) Ida Iona Cooksey b 15 Feb 1890 Union
Twp., Newton, AR; d 21 Sep 1963 Van Buren, Crawford, AR; bur 23 Sep 1963
Gill Cem., Van Buren, Crawford, AR; md as his 2) wife 22 Nov 1925
Crawford County, AR to Silas Adison Haley; 1 child;4) Thomas Erias b 12
Oct 1892 Union Twp., Newton, AR; d 16 Apr 1923 Van Buren, Crawford, AR;
member of U.S.Army 26 May 1918-16 Aug 1919; 5) Margaret Emma b 19 Jul
1896 Union Twp., Newton, AR; d 19 Jan 1960 Salinas, Monterey, CA; bur 20
Jan 1960 Garden of Memories, Salinas, Monterey, CA; md 3 Jan 1917
Crawford County, AR to Joseph D. Bray; 6 children: Leo Bennet, Homer
Elic, Betty Lou, Margaret, Edith, Theresa.

3) md 7 Aug 1898 to Mrs. Sarah Smith. No children known.

4) md as 2) husband 14Nov 1908 Conway County,AR to Lenora Bryant b Aug
1972 AR of Thomas W. Bryant; 1 child: Ruby Jewel b 16 Aug 1909 Johnson
County, AR; d 22 Aug 1998 El Cajon, CA; bur 27 Aug 1998 El Camino
Memorial Garden, El Camino, San Diego, CA; md 3 times; 3 ch: Paul
Wright, Nora Mae, Joyce Marie.

5) md 15 Mar 1933 Van Buren, Crawford, AR to Bitha Holt b 3 Feb 1912
Graphic, Crawford,AR dau of William Silas Holt & Beedie Moore;1 child:
Mary Oleta.

Henry Bert was the son of John T.Cooksey and Margaret Doolin. John was
b 1816 probably Warren County,TN; d 11 Jul 1876 Johnson County, AR;md
abt 1846 probably Johnson County, AR to Margaret Doolin dau of Michael
Doolin & 1) Mary E. Stephens; 6 children:1) Absolem b abt 1847 Johnson
County, AR; 2) Thomas Benton b 12 Apr 1849 Johnson County, AR; d 5 Feb
1928 Rabbit Trap, OK; bur The Mission, OK; md 1)1 Mar 1868 Pope County,
AR to Cordelia Meadows dau of David Meadows & Lydia Hill, 6 children:
1) Dicedah A., Minnie, Margaret Megglina, Cordelia, Thomas Lee (female),
Lonnie Hester; md 2) Mrs. Maggie Goin, 4 children: John, Benton, Nancy,
Robert G.; 3)John F. b abt 1851 Johnson County, AR; md 6 Jul 1873 Newton
County, AR to Omey Martin; 4) Henry Bert, [see above]; 5) Lewis B. b abt
Jul 1859 Johnson County, AR; 6) Urias b abt 1868 Johnson County, AR; md
24 dec 1894 Johnson County, AR to Ella Allen.

John T. was the son of John Cooksey and Jamima Burgess. Jamima was b
abt 1788 Pittsylvania County, VA dau of Thomas & Elizabeth Burgess.
John was b 1788 SC [according to Johnson County, AR Federal Census for
1850] [parents unknown.] d 1860-1870 Johnson County, AR; md abt 1815
probably in Warren County, TN but could be SC; abt 11 children:1) John
T. [see above]; 2) female b abt 1816 Warren County, TN; 3) male b abt
1820 Warren County, TN; 4) male b abt 1820 Warren County, TN; 5) female
b abt 1825 Warren County, TN; 6) female b abt 1825 Warren County, TN;
[last 5 children calculated from 1820 Warren County, TN census, 1830
Hickman County, KY census, 1840 Johnson County, AR]; 7)Peter Washington
b abt 1828 Hickman County, KY; md 1) 1850 Johnson County, AR to Sarah
Adeline Ogden, 4 children: John, Nancy Caroline, Jeremiah, Hannah O.; md
2) 13 Apr 1877 Johnson County, AR to Lydia P. Kelley; no known children;
8) Joseph b abt 1830 Hickman County, KY; md 31 Aug 1858 Johnson County,
AR to Margaret Ann Snelson; 9) Thomas b abt 1831 Hickman County, KY, md
abt 1852 Johnson County, AR to Elizabeth ___; 3 known children: Jane,
Martha, John; 10) Cornelius b abt 1833 Hickman County, KY; md abt 1858
AR to Elizabeth ____; 8 known children: John N., Alice L., T. A., Nancy
A., J. W., P. B., E. B., Mary E.; 11) Jane b abt 1836 TN; md 15 Oct 1854
Lawrence County, KY to Jeremiah Cordial; no known children.

I have no further data on the Cooksey lineage. Because you have several
children of Andrew Cooksey Sr. [your 4GG] that died in TN with Enoch &
Cornelius death place in Warren County, TN,I wonder if my John could be
one of the children between Enoch & Jesse W. Do you have ANY clue that
this could be so? [Yes, I am grasping at straws!]

Generl info:
I have found in the Warren County, TN plat book:John Cooksey 40 acres
dated 1826, 45 acres-1828; William Cooksey 3 acres-1824, 4 acres-1824,
50 acres-1826, 150 a.-1827; James Cooksey 50 a.-1827. Jesse Williams
conveyed 20 a. to Jesse Cooksey 19 Apr 1827; Jesse Cooksey conveyed 20
a. to Jesse Williams some date. John Cooksey issued land grant #6962 of
35 a. 5 May 1815, #151 40 a. 9 Mar 1828 in Warren County, TN; Josiah
Cooksey received grant #2525 of 25 a. 4 Jun 1832 Warren. Enoch Cooksey
received #18901 of 25 a. 26 Mar 1823, #18900 of 25 a. same date in
Warren. Daniel Cooksey received grant #5664 of 100 a. 9 Nov 1837, #5681
of 50 a. 23 Nov 1837 Warren. Cornelius Cooksey rec'd grant #21267 of 25
a. 7 Nov 1825 Warren. Jesse Cooksey received grant #2733 of 180 a. 2
Nov 1825 & #3626 of 300 a. 14 Jan 1835 in Overton County, TN.

The SC 1790 census gives Andrew, Jessie & Josiah Cooksey in Edgefield
District,Cornelius in Greenville District,John in Orangeburgh District
& Abednego in Caswell County, NC.

1800 Greenfield District, SC census shows Andrew Sr., Andrew Jr.,
Cornelius & Josiah.1810 shows Josiah left there, with William in Union
District, staying till 1830 Census when he appeared on Spartanburg
District and no longer in SC in 1840.George, Martha & Nancy on on 1830
Spartanburg District only. Jeremiah listed on 1840 Union District

1820 Warren County, TN Federal Census lists Enoch, John, John, Jesse,
Thomas & Cornelius.

Greenville District, SC deeds show Andrew Sr. sold 100 a.on Reedy River
to Andrew Jr. 25 Mar 1805 with Josiah & Enoch as witnesses. 28 Sep 1811
Josiah Cooksey sold 100 a. located on Saluda River Branch to Joshua
Hawkins. Joseph French sold to John Cooksey on 10 Feb 1794.

In White County, TN Jesse Williams conveyed 20 a. to Jesse Cooksey 19
Apr 1827. Jesse conveyed to Jesse William 20 a. 19 Apr 1827.

Statesboro, GA public library #929.3F 1964-1967. Copy of Pg 213 of
"Family Puzzlers" by Mary Bondurant Warren under "Questions from our
Readers": Mrs. H.S.Glenn, Box 400, Moultrie,GA 31768 wants data on the
parents of William (Bill) Cooksey (7/20/1838-4/30/1930) a Confederate
veteran, who md in Muscogee Co., GA in 1860 to Frances Matilda Brazzell
(Who were her parents?). Bill Cooksey was the on of William Elston
Cooksey b abt 1787-9 d 7/25/1874 or 9, who md 5/22/1816 in Green Co., MS
to Flora McPherson b abt 1797-d, when & where?. Editors Note: Cookseys
are rare but these few turned up in various records: "Persons who went
from Europe to Georgia on their own account", recorded in "A list of the
Early Settlers of GA". by Coulter & Saye, 1949m Pg 69, No. 253. "Will
Cooksey -- given Lot 9 in Savannah. He left this lot being swamp
overflow'd, & settled for a time at Grantham. He is indebted to the
Trustees & in 1739 went to (South) Carolina where tis supposed he
intends to settle & turn merch(an)t. Quitted (Colony of Georgia)
1739." No. 254 Sarah Cooksey, wife. In the land lottery of 1805 one
Jesse Cooksey drew a blank stub (as a single man), from Hancock Co.,
GA. Jesse was still drawing as a single man in 1806 in Major Reed's
Batalion; there were numerous Cooks, but only one Cooksey in Hancock Co.

I do hope some of this helps someone. I am hoping someone may have the
parents of my John Cooksey. Thank you very much.
Mary Salisbury
15420 Olde Highway 80 #195
El Cajon, CA 92021


I am a Cooksey descendant!
My main genealogy page URL is:
it links to my surname page, document page, AR page, Cherokee page.
My TUBB/s info can be found on my surname page at: (gedcom)

Surnames I'm Researching:

Visit my genealogy and (AR & Cherokee) lookups page!

Rebecca Watson
Hi Norma:I think I once mentioned to you I don't have access to the web
- strictly email capabilities.Would you object to adding my Cooksey to
your web site?
I'm trying to locate further information of:

Sarah Ellen Cooksey mother of William Henry Watson
She supposedly was from Virginia and married a Phillip Watson date
William Henry Watson aka Henry Watson born January 6, 1860 or62 in

I've not been able to find any information on her or Phillip to
substantiate anything. Nor am I able to find a birth record for their
son William Henry.Just a death certificate and his marriage certificate
in Oregon. I do believe very strongly William Henry Watson had siblings
- based upon old correspondence which mentions a Mabel,Mary,Eva,Charlie
and Tina - to name a few.
Whether all these names are actually siblings, I'm unsure with the
exception of Mary.
She signed a letter indicting she was his sister.

If you do post this to your site,may I say thank you for your doing so.
Appreciate yours and any other's help.

Rebecca Watson Walker